About Us

Welcome to iCore Pay, a forward-thinking company dedicated to reshaping the way businesses handle payments. Our journey began with a simple vision: to provide businesses with a transformative solution that marries instant, secure, and permissionless transactions. Today, that vision has evolved into a reality that is driving businesses towards a future where transactions are seamless, secure, and hassle-free.

Our Mission and Vision:

At iCore Pay, our mission is to empower businesses of all sizes with innovative payment solutions that break down barriers and propel growth. We envision a world where transactions are conducted swiftly, where security is a given, and where businesses can flourish without the constraints of outdated payment systems.

Our Team:

Behind iCore Pay's revolutionary solutions is a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about driving change in the payments landscape. From blockchain experts to industry veterans, our team is united by a shared goal: to redefine the way businesses transact.

Join the Revolution!

Gain access to a trusted network using preparatory technology to grow your business.


Are you a payment provider who wants to be apart of a new global network?


Are you an operator looking to increase conversion rates and reduce overheads?


Are you an affiliate that can leverage your network to introduce trusted partners?


BUX is a first-in-class, Bitcoin-based self-minted eToken on the XEC (eCash) network developed by Badger LLC. BUX uses proven, open source protocols and every transaction leverages Bitcoin’s ultra-secure technology. BUX is a dollar-backed digital currency with greater than 100% reserves in US dollars. The value of BUX is not algorithmically “pegged” to USD. One BUX is always one USD.

Funds are received in your own non-custodial wallet. There is no account signup or review required.

Admyn is a user-friendly admin panel or “backoffice” for iCore Pay, available for simple installation and purchase on the Amazon AWS Marketplace, catering to users with all levels of technical expertise.

To become a partner, install our pre-built "Relay" server from ICP on Amazon's web service. This gives you access to a trusted network using advanced technology to grow your business. Upon joining, you'll receive a unique personal key assigned by us, each key carries varying fees based on your market. With your key, you can create custom-fee keys to share with new partners/merchants in your network. This relay system connects merchants through you, ensuring instant payments reach all wallets in the chain.

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